“A consummate professional, I knew if I needed something political or policy-oriented Gary Feld would find it. If the information is out there, Gary will collect it, analyze it and present it clearly and concisely. With PowerBase, he will be an invaluable member of any campaign.”

Sen. Bill Frist, MD
Former Senate Majority Leader (R-TN)

Policy & Issue Background

Before celebrities or activists lend their names to a cause, we look at the issue from both a non-partisan and a critic’s perspective. PowerBase offers wide intelligence analysis, looking at how an issue fits into a larger Capitol Hill agenda. This provides agents and public relations firms with a thorough analysis of the policies involved so you and your clients will make an informed decision on supporting a cause.


There are few things the media or commentators enjoy more than attacking celebrity advocates who meet with an individual without fully vetting the person or support a political tactic without appreciating the repercussions. Those in the public eye and their advisers benefit from our research because it explains the possible pitfalls of “going public.”

Meeting Preparation

Before celebrity advocates enter a high-level meeting with Washington D.C. decision-makers, we assist public relations firms and agents prepare their clients. We compile briefing books, political profiles and prepare testimony for Capitol Hill meetings and hearings. When your client goes to Washington, our research maximizes their effectiveness. We bolster their message by linking those being lobbied to the cause. Anytime an issue is directly connected to the concerns of a policy-maker, your client will have a greater impact.

Building For The Future

We recognize advocacy does not end once you leave a Capitol Hill office. Our clients’ voices need to be heard after the public meetings are held and the microphones are off. By offering ongoing issue monitoring, PowerBase continues providing clients with actionable intelligence to further develop relationships with disparate groups and advocates. This ongoing monitoring will assist PR professionals to better represent their clients.