Public Affairs


“I have relied on Gary Feld’s research and analytical skills for political, policy and statistical work for over a decade. He’s accurate, fast and his work product is of the highest quality. But most of all, I’m impressed with Gary’s unique ability to grasp and synthesize diverse topics so that random facts and bits of data come together to form a meaningful and clear storyline.”

Mitch Bainwol, President and CEO
Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

Strategic Communications

Infusing your communication strategies with reliable and distinctive information is essential in promoting your agenda. To implement your plans of publicizing a brand, urging the public to take action, or advocating government take specific action, requires the right kind of communications supported by convincing data. What we do it help you differentiate between just communicating information and communicating the right information.

Crisis Management/Rapid Response

A public affairs crisis often poses a threat to your management, organization or client, but leaves little time for standard decision-making practices. We have the know-how to identify, assess, and respond to serious situations from the moment they arise. When in our client is in crisis-mode, we think through scenarios – including the worst-case – while working with your team to find solutions.

Business Development

We have an extensive history of unearthing valuable intelligence when public affairs or lobbying firms solicit new business or seek to build upon existing relationships. Our work will offer added value through thoughtful analysis on the issues facing your potential clients – and when a new client hires you, it will impact your bottom line.

Third Party Analysis

Third party groups will impact the political, legislative and regulatory process. We track opposition activities of independent groups. Using the most up-to-date public records and media coverage, we compile reports informing you of third party groups and who funds them. During many public affairs campaigns, groups release reports underscoring their side’s arguments or challenging their opponents. We quickly delve into the reports and raise methodological and interpretive questions, which will help undercut their conclusions.